Hey there, welcome to our blog!

“Brewing up Bushwick” is a blog about discovering beer and beer culture, stumbling on beers while traveling, comparing beers from here and there, news from the motherland of beer as well as from the promised land of beers aka microbrew paradise, well you got it: it’s about everything BEER !!

so.. Who the Hell? And.. Why the Hell ???

We’re 2 buddies sharing this blog:

Jeff on his way from Bushwick to Cancun...

First there is Jeff, aka “The Biking Brewer“, a Pittsburgh native who over the time has become a genuine Brooklynite, or rather a Bushwicker. Right now, Jeff is riding his bike from Brooklyn to Cancun, Mexico to raise awareness for the dangers of Climate Change. Cancun is the place where the UN Climate Conference is held in December.
On this blog Jeff represents the American point of view about beer, he covers the thrilling microbrew scene that is growing and growing since its start in the eighties. America stands for mass produced industrial beer like Budweiser on one hand, as well as for innovative and flavourful microbrews on the other hand. There is a lot to learn from this scene, even for foreigners, even for Germans…

Alex examining his beer in Munich

Because Alex, a native from Frankfurt, Germany is the second contributor on this blog and represents rather the European or German point of view on beer and brewing. But even further, since he travels a lot recently, he gathers impressions on beer on any imaginable corner of the world. Alex’ favorite beer still is German though. He believes the best beer one can be served is poured at the Oktoberfest in Munich every year! Boy is that beer fresh!

So you get the picture now. This site is like a tiny German-American Beer Think Tank (even though we would just prefer a Beer Tank) where impressions and opinions about beer hopefully find some interested readers. But that doesn’t give you a hint about the Why yet. You’ll see later!

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