Rosé de Gambrinus – a Belgian Lambic and a perfect food pairing!


We are in a 2 Michelin Star restaurant in Belgium, having a menu with corresponding wines and guess what the Sommelier suddenly pours: beer! Of course, otherwise there would be no point in writing a post here. But still, it is great to see that restaurants are widening their horizons and beers is slowly finding its way into fine dining.

So for being more precise. The restaurant is named l’Air du Temps and is located about 40 Km South-East of Brussels. Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre is a virtuose of molecular cuisine but at the same time also a naturalist growing his own vegetables. But he is foremost someone who likes to explore new territories and always is on the lookout for new flavor pairings.

The beer is from the old Belgian brewery Cantillon, and is a lambic type made with raspberries.
Raspberries are added to the beer after it already went through its first fermentation and the sugars of the fruit enable a second fermentation. An important fact is that lambic beers rely on spontaneous fermentation caused by indigenous yeasts.

Guess which one is the Rosé de Gambrinus…

Its taste is of raspberries in a subtle way and foremost marked by a pronounced tartness and acidity. A quite unique drink.


And of course you are curious now what the food pairing is. One of Sang Hoon‘s dishes is called Meanwhile… the Carrots are cooking and represent various carrot varieties lying on goat cheese cream that is infused with thyme and dill and topped with an acidic and intense cherry sauce…

So obvious: Acdidic cherry sauce matched with acidic raspberry lambic! And yet you have to have such a great idea. That’s creative cooking!

And if you wonder why this course is entitled Meanwhile… the Carrots are cooking then just check the following pics.


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