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Titan IPA, Great Divide Brewing

Posted in American Craft Brews with tags , , on February 16, 2011 by alexis2


First time I have this Titan IPA by Great Divide Brewing from Colorado. Shows a copper to golden colour. Intense nose of fresh almonds and orange zest, some caramel. On the palate a hefty bitter-hoppiness which is nicely caught up by the fruity aromatics of the beer. Carbonation maybe a bit low but it doesn’t bother much. This is a bit above IPA judging from its strength, rather close to imperial IPA level. All in all, a very enjoyable IPA with much going on for the taste-buds.
Oh, just saw on the label they have some food match recommendations: Grilled Halibut, Thai Curry, strong/soft cow’s milk cheeses . I could do with that, especially with the cheese – in that case I would probablx pick a Roquefort or other strong blue cheese though! But concerning Thai Curry: I guess I’d still prefer to accompany it with a refreshing Lager .

lots of info on the label