Anchor Steam Beer


You wouldn’t believe it but this is actually the first time I have a steam beer. It has been praised by many as one of the top American brews, demonstrating creativity and savoir-faire of American craft breweries.
What I know is that it is a low fermenting beer, or let’s say a low fermenting yeast used to make the beer, but it actually ferments at higher temperatures, making it somehow a hybrid beer.

Before tasting the beer I’ve read quite a few about it, also some clone recipes and thus I had some precise expectations.

To make a long story short, I was at first sip, disappointed! But that was maybe linked to my expectations. I thought it would be fuller in taste and also that the hops would come out stronger. Actually I read that Cascade hops are used in it, but that seems to be wrong.

Nevertheless drinking the beer anew without prejudices I must say that it is quite solid. Nice head retention. Quite malty in the nose with slight fruit esthers reminding banana.

In the mouth it appears much thinner that I would have thought but not without appeal. Nice maltiness, complexity with some flowery notes and also the malty sweetness, hops are in the background, but this makes it a really balanced beer with a hint of sweetness also in the finish.

Still thinking of what would pair well with this, or is it best drunken on its own with a good football game (Right now it is, and my club just scored! yeehah!)

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