Schlappeseppel Brewery, Aschaffenburg, Germany


Schlappeseppel is a small brewery (part of Eder & Heyland group though) in the city of Aschaffenburg which lies about 40 km east of Frankfurt, but actually is part of the State Bavaria.

Its history goes back as far as the 17th century when durring the Thirty Year’s war, the Swedish King Gustav who occupied the city requested a beer being brewed. The man everyone called “Schlapper Seppel” (lame Seppel), because of his limping, brewed the first beer in this brewery and the tradition has been kept until today.

In the restaurant of the brewery which is located in the historic center of the city, not far from the castle, 2 draught beers are served: one unfiltered Lager (Helles) and one filtered Lager. Basically they’re the same except that one hasn’t been filtered and appears blurry. One could say it still contains all the healthy goodness of the yeast! Anyhow, they’re both similar in taste and equally good. Light, refreshing with a clear fruitiness.
Other special beers are also served as well as seasonal beers. But at the time of our visit all specials and seasonals were available in bottles only, so our interest faded.


2 Responses to “Schlappeseppel Brewery, Aschaffenburg, Germany”

  1. Walter Bart Muroski Says:

    where may I purchase Schlappeseppel lager in the USA.
    Live in Scranton PA.

    Thank you so much

    Walter Bartley

  2. Walter, I don’t think Schlappeseppel is available in the US. Even here in Germany it’s a very regional brand. Cheers! Alex

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